Elevate your home comfort with high-performance insulation

Energy efficiency is greatly affected by home insulation. Good quality insulation decreases the use of your HVAC system, lowering your energy bills.

Blown insulation and reflective insulation

Smart Home ImprovementSM offers both blown and reflective insulation installation.

Blown insulation is inexpensive and involves using a hose to "blow" loose fiber insulation into your attic or wall cavities. It provides a layer of insulation that seals off any cracks or crevices, ensuring no heat or cool air escapes through your walls.

Reflective Insulation is a metallic foil that prevents heat transfer over open spaces. This barrier works on its own, however, it can also be used in conjunction with existing insulation to help keep it dry and add an additional layer of protection.

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At Smart Home ImprovementSM, we understand the value of giving our customers a wide range of options. We partner with the highest quality suppliers, providing our customers with the best materials on the market.

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