What Kind of Door Are You? What Your Doors Say About Your Personality

August 10, 2020

What Kind of Door Are You? What Your Doors Say About Your Personality

In our line of work, we often say that a door can tell a lot about a person’s personality. A door is the first thing a person encounters when they visit your home. They offer the kind of welcome you want to give your visitors. So why not find a door that expresses your true self.  

If you’re in the market for a new door or looking for the right door for your custom-built home, let’s go through some popular options and what they might say about your personality.  

Are You A French Door?

Photo Credit: Marvin

French doors are often referred to as windows because of their clear glass panes which bring a ton of light into the home. French doors are popular around the world because of the European flair they add to houses. We like them because they make a house a home.

Are you a fan of french doors?

Chances are you’re a romantic who likes classical and tasteful styles. You’re likely a dreamer who loves travel and has probably read the occasional novel by the sea.

Are You A Steel Door?

Photo Credit: ProVia

Steel doors are favored by architects and builders for their strength and durability. Aside from being known for their robustness, they’re known for their insulating and energy-saving properties.

Most people think of steel doors as big, metallic-looking units, however, these doors actually come in a wide range of colors and designs. This means you can show off your style without having to compromise on safety.

Are you a fan of steel doors?


You’re probably a protector who loves to make sure you and your loved ones feel safe and secure at home. You’re likely environmentally conscious and believe that even the tiniest actions can help make the world a little greener and sustainable.  

Are You A Victorian Door?

Victorian doors are classic wooden doors which are common in many homes in the United Kingdom. They’re often described as containing glass panel accents of varying sizes and simple etchings.

Most doors in North America are a simpler version of the Victorian door.

Are you a fan of Victorian doors?


You’re a traditionalist who prefers classical styles and doesn’t mind being called old-fashioned. Your home is likely seen as a  place of security and perennial comfort.

Are You A Barn Door?

Barn doors are a style of large wooden doors that are seriously trending in homes across North America. Barn doors aren’t just found on farmhouses anymore.

We love the rustic feeling these doors give a home. It feels like you’re living that cottage life 24/7 and we one hundred percent approve. Barn doors are even being built as sliding doors inside the home, which provide a nice accent piece and more privacy.

Are you a fan of barn doors?


If you’re a fan of barn doors, you aren’t afraid to go against the grain, even if it means you stand out. You’re also probably a fan of hosting large, cozy gatherings.

Are You A Fiberglass Door?

Photo Credit: ProVia 

Fiberglass doors have become increasingly popular because of their strength and ability to hold up well against the elements. They’re as strong as many storm doors but don’t corrode over time.

Even better, because of their material, they’re easily customizable and can be painted in any color you want.

Are you a fan of fiberglass doors?


If you’re wanting one of these doors you’re likely a strong-willed individual that isn’t afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Your friends can depend on you and your family sees you as the glue keeping everyone together.

Doors say a lot more about a person’s style and personality than most of us realize. Not only do doors welcome people, but they always keep unwanted guests out and keep your home and family safe. So be sure to take the time to choose the right door for you and your home.

We offer a wide variety of both front entry and patio doors made out of the best high-quality material. These doors come in a number of finishes and we can customize your door to meet your needs.

No matter which you prefer, you can trust Smart Home Improvement to install your door with the proper care and attention it deserves. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your home renovation needs!