Vinyl Siding- A Great Option For The Washington Metropolian Area

July 23, 2019

Vinyl Siding- A Great Option For The Washington Metropolian Area

The first thing people see when looking at your house is the siding. It’s the most important element of your curb appeal and protects your home from the elements. There is a lot you can do to make your front garden look better or make your window dressings match your taste, but nothing can save cracked panelling or missing bricks.

You have a lot of options when it comes to picking your home siding, which can easily lead to confusion and stress. That’s why we’re here to help you pick the best option for you and your home.

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl can have a bad reputation for looking “cheap,” but in reality, vinyl siding has come a long way. It comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes to achieve nearly any look you want. It can look like wood or stone, or be smooth and modern looking. There are so many options that you can be sure that there is one that will work for you.

Vinyl is inexpensive and stylish, and requires little maintenance. It’s durability and versatility make it a good choice for any home and aesthetic taste. Wood siding can warp and buckle in bad weather, needing a good deal of maintenance along with being expensive. Brick is even more expensive, and the installation is pricey and takes a long time because of its weight. Vinyl can be installed quickly and cheaply.

A disadvantage of vinyl is that, if not installed properly, it can be less energy efficient than other siding options. To counter this make sure the people you hire to install your siding take energy efficiency into account. Properly made and installed vinyl can be just as weather-resistant and energy-efficient as any other siding option. When looking for a team to install your new siding check their manufacturer and make sure the team makes a point to take energy efficiency into account.

Picking a Style

So you want to get a vinyl siding, but there are so many kinds that you are once again overwhelmed! Picking your style and colour from the multitude of options comes down to deciding what style of house you want.

Lap Siding

The most popular style of vinyl siding is lap siding, the classic look of horizontal panels. It’s a timeless look that suits all sorts of homes. It can mimic wood grain and stone to add a natural look to your home. Perfect for Victorian and Colonial homes, it adds a touch of historical flair with its classic appearance. It will also work wonderfully with your modern home with its simple lines.

Vertical Siding

A little less popular is the look of vertical panels, which means that it’s a great choice if you want to stand out. This style can look either rustic or modern depending on how you use it. Wood-patterned vertical panels will give your home the look of a country home, while simple straight panels look sleek and minimalist.

Shingle Siding

For an even more rustic look, shingle siding is a great option. This style shakes things up, utilizing overlapping squares or ovals that look like shingles. This is the perfect look for cottage or Cape Cod style houses or just for the homeowner who wants their house to break away from parallel lines. If you like the look but think it’s a little too rustic for your entire house, this is a great option for accenting your gables or even the entire top half of your house. You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of siding, mix it up for a unique look.


Don’t forget the trim! Trimming your windows, doors and corners is a great way to accentuate these parts of your home and introduce more color to your home’s exterior. If you’ve picked a dark siding color, try trimming in white or cream for an extra pop. If you’ve picked a color like blue or green, go for a slightly different shade or, if you’re feeling daring, a complementary color like orange or purple.

Whether as part of a larger exterior home renovation or just as a change to your current look, getting new siding for your home is a fantastic way to keep it looking amazing.

The experts here at Smart Home Improvement are more than happy to answer any questions you have about what goes into your siding and discuss which is the best option for you. Here in the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area we’re proud to help you make your home as beautiful as possible.