Beautify Your Home With These Quick Tips

August 28, 2019

Beautify Your Home With These Quick Tips

Time for a new fall look? Are you thinking of moving or selling your home?

It’s important to accept that curb appeal matters, and whether you like it or not, first impressions are crucial. Most people have already decided on the value of your home before taking a step inside. So why not make their first impression the best possible one? Below you will find some easy, cost-effective ways to improve, not only the appearance but the value of your home.

Simple Cleanups

Don’t underestimate the value of a little soap and water. A good scrub with a brush and mild detergent can remove the bulk of dirt and grime around window ledges, bricks and garage doors. For more drastic cleaning, the use of small power washers and some bleaching chemicals/cleaners can take old, stained materials and make them look new again. Don’t forget power washers can be used for windows, wood and vinyl decking as well and often can negate the use for ladders as they can reach high distances from the ground level. Often, cleaning existing materials can enhance the work done by contractors over the years.


For many people, it is important to showcase nature in and around their home. With the effective use of trimming, cutting and planting, you can turn a simple garden into an oasis. A variety of both annual and perennial flowers can add a boost of color. Remember to keep in mind that during different seasons your garden can produce various colors and effects.

Choosing pots and planters of different sizes, colors, and textures, according to season, can offer your front lawn a manicured look. By adding other features, such as stones, mulch or artwork, you can easily add a pop of flare, enhancing your curb appeal. Additional fixtures, such as fountains, figurines, edging, or stone pathways, are what make your home unique and don’t have to be costly or time-consuming to install.

Conversation Nooks

Yards tend to have a lot of square footage, so take advantage of this space. Create conversation spaces by adding chairs and small tables. Adding a rocking chair, swing or bench can bring attention to a porch or hide otherwise unused space. The variety of colors and designs can tie into the scheme of your home or add a pop of color to boost curb appeal. This can also be achieved by adding pillows, throws, and small outdoor decor such as candles, bowls, or lanterns.

Hardware and Fixtures


Although door handles, light fixtures and other hardware may seem timeless, trends do change from time to time. Take a good look around your home, do you have hooks, hinges, doorknobs, and other hardware that are looking dated or worn out? Most of these items are inexpensive and fairly simple to install by you, the homeowner. Although they may seem small, taking the steps to repair or replace this hardware can make your home feel newly renovated and more appealing to potential buyers.



Lighting is one of your home’s most crucial components. Your house is in darkness for about half of the day in the winter. With the introduction of LED lighting combined with solar panels, lighting the exterior of your home has not only become more accessible but economical. Think about creating paths with lighting, accent your flower beds to create positive shadows, use lighting to illuminate your address to increase safety and help your friends find your house. The use of timers and motion detectors make lighting much easier and accessible than it has in the past. Many of these can tie into a smart home.



Don’t forget the hard surfaces. Many products are sold to paint both driveways and concrete surfaces. This simple application can transform a weathered finishing to a virtually new surface. Decks and posts can be either re-stained or painted to give a fresh new look. These products can be applied by an owner or contractor and provide huge bang for your buck. This not only improves the physical appearance but also extends the longevity of the asphalt and wood products.

Spending a few days or even a few hours on your home’s exterior can dramatically improve it’s curb appeal. Don’t underestimate the value of small details, because when combined with existing or new renovations the completed project can result in the home of your dreams.

The experts here at Smart Home Improvement are more than happy to answer any questions you have about home improvement projects both big and small. Here in the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area we’re proud to help you make your home as beautiful as possible.