5 Tips For Picking An Exterior Renovations Contractor

June 18, 2019

5 Tips For Picking An Exterior Renovations Contractor

Your home is important to you — it’s where you eat, sleep, and spend time with your family. Given the time you spend in your home, you want to be sure that it is in the best shape possible so that you can get the most out of it. There’s a lot you can do to make your home work better for you just by getting some work done on the exterior.

From increasing curb appeal to raising energy efficiency (and lowering your bills!), the exterior of your home holds a lot of potential value. But how do you choose which residential contractor to hire to get that value working for you? Who can you really trust with your biggest investment?

Here are 5 things to look for when interviewing potential exterior home renovation contractors:


We’re not talking about hiring the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn here! Exterior renovation takes skill and practice. Don’t leave the fate of your home in the hands of just anyone. Make sure you hire a team with years of experience and skilled workers behind it. Ask about past projects, challenges encountered and how they were solved.

Where are building materials sourced?

The manufacturer making your new siding or door is just as important as the person who’s installing it. Make sure the team you hire is using only the very best materials to ensure the very best results! Ask where they get windows, doors, siding, and roofing and do a little research to make sure it’s quality material.

Offered guarantees or warranties.


There’s nothing worse than paying someone to replace your windows or redo your roofing only to have to do it again in six months because it wasn’t done properly. Make sure they guarantee their work and check the reviews to get the opinions of other customers. If they offer a warranty, even better!

Willingness to answer your questions.

We’ve all heard the stories about nightmare contractors. They take your money and then never finish the project, never answer a phone call, practically disappear! You deserve better —  someone who will be upfront with you, answer your questions and be there to reassure you that your home is in good hands. The quality of their customer service is just as important as the quality of their work. Look them up online to check out reviews or ask for references.

Proof they’ll work for you, not for themselves.

The professionals know how to do their jobs, but you know what you need for your home. You need a smaller energy bill, a beautiful home, and most importantly someone who will make you feel confident that you’re making the right choice. Look for a contractor who knows that you are a person with individual needs, not just a number and a paycheck. Smaller, local contracting firms will make sure that your job is done right, and they’re more personal and dedicated to you! It’s their neighborhood too, and your home means as much to them as their own.

Pick the residential contracting company that feels right to you. Don’t make a decision based on price or a recommendation from someone who thinks they know what you need. Find the company that makes you feel sure that you’re in good hands. Do a little research, know what you want and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Finding the right team is the first step towards a better home, so make sure it’s a good one.

Should you have any questions about your exterior home improvement project don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Smart Home Improvement. We would love to hear from you.

The Smart Home Improvement Team

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